General questions

What is iSpreadNews.com?

iSpreadNews.com is site offering the services of spreading news an announcing new software and hardware to the editors of most popular blogs and news sites. Most of these editors will be contacted manually using contact forms present on their sites (rather than emails). This method of contact greatly increases the chance that your announcement will be read by them.

Do you guarantee that my announcement will be posted on each site included in the package I have purchased?

No, we cannot guarantee each site will post a review of your product. Since the announcements are sent directly to the editors of the sites you selected, it will be up to those editors to decide whether your announcement contains information that would be interesting to their readers. So it may be suboptimal to use our service for products that are rather unattractive or of low quality.

Do we have to provide texts of announcements to you translated to all languages?

In short: English version is enough. Owners of blogs and editors of news sites know English rather well (because they typically "borrow" news from news sites that post in English). That is why there is no need to translate your press-release to any language except English. Though of course you can send announce in any language to blog owners, but we believe sending it in English is best option. As of now, we do not offer translation services for press-releases.

Can we order you composing a press-release for us?

You do not have to create a press-release to send it via us.

We distribute info about your app in informal way to blog owners and news sites owners. Informal means "no marketing bullsh*t" - like who the authors are, who they came to idea to create the app etc, statement that they are among leaders in app development and so on. So the announce we distribute just lists what the app does (in about 5 sentences) and how it is better than similar apps. Like what you tell to your brother about the app when you are in hurry.

So you will not have to spend money on creating a press release. But we will proofread the text you provide us and we will suggest what else to mention in the text to make the announce attract more blog owners to your app.

Once you make the submissions, what kind of tracking services do you provide? For example, how will I know if any of the places you submitted on my behalf have promoted my application?

We do not send promo codes with announcement. The default announcement template invites blog owner to contact app owner and ask for promo code for testing the app, and for additional promo codes for running a giveaway of promo codes. So once we submit announcement, YOU will receive an inquiry from blog owners. When answering this inquiry, you can ask blog owner to send you the link to review once it's published (and ask e.g. how many daily views their site receives, but that may be impolite). For sites we've contacted via contact forms, additionally you'll get a screenshot of site's contact form filled with your announcement.

Will you give me the complete list of sites where you submitted to so I can follow on my own or make sure I don't unknowingly resubmit?

No, we won't provide this list. We are afraid of competition, and the list won't be of great use to you anyway. But you can use a special form to check whether particular site is present in our database.

You list a large number of sites that you will interact with, but do you also provide details about the kind of reach those sites have?

We do not have this info right now in database (for some sites it is very difficult to calculate daily reach; providing just Alexa Rank seems to be useless so we do not provide it). But they are top sites from each of the countries.

You said there are 200+ places you are submitting the review request, yet we provide 100 codes. Do you really expect the vast majority of the sites to only review based on the video we provide or do you expect they will purchase the app for their review? Also, have you predetermined which 100 sites will be the ones to get the free codes?

We do not ask our clients for any promo codes. We do not send promo codes in the announcement. The client collects inquiries from blog owners (asking for promo codes) e.g. for 2-3 days and decides which blog owners to give promo codes to (and how many promo codes to give to each blog owners if they are ready to run a contest).

My video for the app has voiceover in English, the app home page is in English too. Will that be a problem?

Readers of blogs and news sites typically trust the taste of their authors, so if blog owner says "good app, buy it" in the review of the app, most of the readers won't spend time watching video anyway, they'll just buy it.

For the site that you are submitting to, does it appear as it came from you or does it appear that the app owner made the submission?

It appears that owner made the submission. If owner is contacted via email, then the email has "From:" set to the app owner's email. If blog owner is contacted via contact form, app owner's email is used in the contact form. So blog owners has no trace that it were we who contacted them, they think that app owner is contacting them.

We just paid for your service. When should we notice the effect from use of your service?

We send your announce during first 24-36 hours since you create the task and and pay for it. It will take about 10 hours for us to perform the sending (announces are sent manually using contact forms on the sites).

News site owners and bloggers will respond asking for promocodes directly to you via email, it will take for them to respond from 1 hour to 2 weeks (but majority of them will answer in about 4 days). Once they receive promocodes from you, it will take up to 2 weeks for them to post a review of your app.

So it may take up to 4 weeks to notice the effect of the promotion.

Why are your prices so low?

Our prices are so low because we have very small financial overhead; in addition, we have many workers in our database. This helps to lower our expenses. Besides, many people are already using our services so we are able to be profitable even with such low prices, bringing the savings to you so you can focus on making your product.

Am I able to apply to become one of your workers?

Currently we have plenty of employees hard at work for us, and for you, so we are not accepting applications.

iSpreadNews.com vs other promotion services

Why should we use your service? Why it's better than purchasing banners?

If your product is useful, sites that receive your announcement will potentially post something about it. Depending on the package of sites you select, it can be up to several hundred international sites!! Even if only one visitor to each of these sites purchases your product, it will potentially bring you hundreds of sales.

Why is your service better than the one prmac.com provides?

Too many news releases are sent via PrMac.com every day. Most of them are boring official press releases, not vivid news. These press releases are typically posted to special section for news sites and blogs. This section is typically dedicated exclusively to announcements from prmac.com and typically visitors are not inclined to visit them (who likes to read boring press releases??). Announcements sent using iSpreadNews.com are sent directly to editors or blog owners; they will publish a post about your product in their own words (and their own language!) and these posts will be located in the main sections of their sites, giving you and your product the most exposure possible.

Why is your service better than the other services that send press releases to editors of various magazines?

Those services typically send press releases only to editors of English-speaking magazines. In addition, press-releases are typically received by editors of offline magazines. Another problem is some press releases are sent automatically via email, this means that the editor may not even check his email for months, where the press releases are sitting. It's completely different in the case of iSpreadNews.com - your announcement is sent to the owners of online sites and blogs; those sites are written in 20+ languages and delivery is performed using website contact forms, if such forms exist.

Task-related questions

I submitted a task for editor's review, but now I wish to edit it, what to do?

Simply abort the task before the job gets accepted by the Editor.

I wish to create a task exactly like the one I created before - how can I do that?

The site allows to create a task by copying all properties from another existing task.

Payment-related questions

You are accepting payments via plimus.com - what is it?

Plimus.com is a famous US-based e-commerce provider that we use for accepting different ways of payments - credit cards, paypal, e-checks and others.

Affiliation-related questions

I am an affiliate. Can you send me my earnings by paypal?

Yes, we can send you your earnings by paypal.

Will you increase my commission if I will bring you MANY MORE new customers?

Yes, we are happy to increase commissions for any of our top-performing affiliates. Please contact us for more info.

I have earned some funds as affiliates commission, can I use them to order services at your site?

Yes, please contact us for more info. Funds should be available for payment in order to be able to be loaded to your account.