Promote WinPhone app - how to do that?

If you are interested in how to promote a WinPhone app - please read below. By promotion of the WinPhone app, we mean sending its announcement to editors of popular news sites that write about WinPhone apps and owners of the most popular blogs who write about WinPhone apps. Those news sites and blogs are really popular in their countries and have a lot (up to 50k) of unique visitors per day.

We have several packages for the promotion of WinPhone apps - they differ in the set of languages the target news sites and blogs use. We recommend the most complete package, since it's much easier to reach top ranks in non-English speaking countries if a review of your WinPhone app is posted in certain blogs. Having reached top positions in any country, you will be able to stress that in your PR materials and it will attract more users to your WinPhone app.

What we need from you to promote your WinPhone app

You will have to create a new task on our site and fill in all the details about the WinPhone app you need to have promoted.

The most important thing is that you will be asked for "announcement" of your WinPhone application - short introduction to your app for the editors (not for users) with a market link and a link to the homepage of the app. Ideally, the description should specify why your WinPhone app is better than other apps in the market - this will increase the probability that site editors will decide to write about your WinPhone application. You can also enter a list of sites that should not be contacted.

Once you finish filling in the form, you will see a sample text of an announcement of other WinPhone apps. Just follow this as a template, because we believe its style will catch the attention of editors and bloggers and will not annoy them.

Once you perform the payment for the promotion of your WinPhone application, our team will review it and will suggest ways to improve it via a message board. Once you approve the final version of the task properties, we will start the promotion of your WinPhone application.

What will happen after we start promotion of your WinPhone app?

We will send an announcement of your WinPhone app by email or via contact forms. Once we finish sending, we will send you a download link to a zip archive with screenshots of contact forms filled with the info about the WinPhone application we've promoted for you.

For editors and owners of news sites, all messages received about that WinPhone app will look like you've sent them directly yourself. So editors will reply to your email address and ask for additional information about it.

It takes up to 2 weeks for editors to reply to you once we complete the promotion of your WinPhone application. Once you answer them, it may take up to several weeks for them to compose and post a review of the WinPhone app we've promoted. This means that results of the WinPhone application promotion can be estimated only 4 weeks after the promotion was started.