Promote ipad app - how to do that?

We are glad to help you to promote your iPad app. By promotion of the iPad app, we mean sending its announcement to editors of popular news sites that write about iPad apps and owners of the most popular blogs who write about iPad apps. Those news sites and blogs are really popular in their countries and have up to 100k unique visitors per day. Editors and blog owners who write about iPhone apps may also receive these announcements.

We believe it's optimal to order the most expensive package for iPad app promotion, because this way editors of sites that post news in several dozens of languages will receive your app announcement and will be able to write a review of it in their own languages. This will make your app popular in the countries where that language is spoken.

What we need from you to promote your iPad app

Please create a new task on our site and fill in all the details about the iPad app you need to have promoted. It will be a big form to fill in, because contact forms on sites may require various information about your company and your iPad application, so we have to know all those details.

The most important thing is that you will be asked an "announcement" of your iPad application - short description of your app for the editors (not for users) in informal words, with an iTunes link and a link to the homepage. Ideally, the description should specify why your iPad app is better than other apps - this will increase chances that the site editor will be willing to write about your iPad application. You can also enter lists of sites that should not be contacted - e.g. if you've already communicated with their editors.

Once you finish filling in that form, you will see sample text of announcements of other iPad apps. It's better to use that text as a template, because we believe it has a good style and catches editors' attention.

After you pay for the promotion of your iPad application, our editors will review it and will suggest ways to improve it (for free), via a message board related to your task. Once the final version of the task is approved by you, we will start to promote your iPad application.

What will happen once we start promotion of the app for iPad?

We will send an announcement of your iPad app by email or via contact forms. Once we have completed sending, we'll provide you a zip archive with screenshots of contact forms filled with the information about the iPad application we've promoted for you.

For editors and owners of news sites, all messages received about your iPad app look like you've sent them yourself. So they will reply to your email that you entered when creating a task.

It takes up to two weeks for site editors to reply to you once we complete the promotion of your iPad application. Once you answer them, it may take up to 2 weeks for them to publish a review of the iPad app we've promoted. So you should expect that results of the promotion can last up to four weeks.