iPhone app promotion

We are glad to help you promote your iPhone app. Here you can see prices for our iPhone app promotion packages by selecting the "iOS" tab. We do the promotion of the iPhone app by sending its announcement to editors of the most popular news sites that write about iOS apps, and owners of the most popular blogs who write about iPhone apps. We believe it's optimal to order the most expensive package for iPhone app promotion, because this way editors of sites that post news in 20+ languages will receive your app announcement and will be able to write a review of it.

What we need from you to promote iPhone app

After you have signed into our site, all you have to do is click on create a task and enter all the details about the iPhone app you need to have promoted. You will need to enter your name and surname, company name, company country, town and phone, URL of the company's site, homepage of the app, genre, size and reuting of the iPhone app you need promoted.

And of course, you'll be asked for the "announcement" of your iPhone app - short description of your app for the editors in informal words with an iTunes link and a link to the homepage. It should not be longer than 2000 characters - we will use them depending on the text size limits in contact forms.

When you create a task, you'll see sample texts of announcement of other iPhone apps - we believe that those announcements are styled well, so it's better for you to style your text in the same manner.

After you pay for the promotion of your iPhone app, our editors will take a look at your task and will propose improvements to the task properties via a message board related to your task. You will be able to accept or decline those suggestions, and once you approve the final version, we will start to promote your iPhone application.

What will happen once we start promotion of the app for iPhone?

We will send announcements of your app via email. Those sites that can't be contacted via email will be contacted via the "contact us" forms. Once we have completed sending, we'll provide you a zip archive with screenshots of contact forms filled with the information about the iPhone application we've promoted.

Both contact forms and emails that we submit will look like you've sent them personally. Owners of blogs and news sites will reply directly to you to ask for additional information about the iPhone application we've promoted.

It takes up to two weeks for site editors to reply to you once we finish the promotion of your iPhone application. Once you send them a reply, it may take up to two weeks for them to publish a review of your app on their site. So the effect of our promotion of the iPhone app may last about four weeks.