How to promote Android app

We can help you to promote your Android app. To see prices for our packages, go here and select the Android tab. We believe it's optimal to order the most expensive package for Android app promotion.

Promote Android app - what we need from you

Once you create an account on our site, you can create a task and enter all the info about the Android app that you need to be promoted.

Just sign up now to see what info is required. Most importantly, you'll be asked for "announcement" of your Android app - short description of your app with a market link and a link to the homepage. When you create a task, you'll see sample text of announcement.

After you pay for the task, our editors will take a look at it, then propose improvements to the task properties via a message board related to your Android app. You will be able to accept or decline them before we make those changes to the task, and once you approve the final version, we start sending out to promote your Android application.

What will happen once we start promotion of the app for Android?

We will send an announcement of your app via email and via contact forms on news sites. Once we have completed sending, we'll provide you a zip file with screenshots with contact forms filled with the information about the Android application we've promoted.

Both contact forms and emails look like you've sent them personally, so blog owners and news site editors will reply directly to you to ask for additional information. It takes about 1-2 week for site editors to reply to you once we complete the promotion of your Android app. Once you send them a reply, it may take up to 1-2 weeks for them to publish a review of your app on their site. So the effect of our promotion of your app can last about 4 weeks.