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If you have an app for iPhone/iPad, Android, macOS, PC or Windows Phone, you can announce it to the world using service.

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Distribute announce of your product directly to editors or owners of popular blogs and news sites over the world!

If you have an iPhone/iPad application or product for macOS, Android, PC(desktop Windows) or Windows Phone, you can announce it to the world using Just provide us information about the product ( company name, company homepage, product title, product homepage) and text of the announcement and we will send the announcement to editors or owners of most popular relevant international and US/UK blogs. So if you have iPhone or iPad app, we will send an announcement (also called review request) to editors of news sites (and owners of blogs) that post news about iPhone/iPad apps. We will not contact editors of media like New York Times or BBC.

Most of the blogs are in languages spoken outside of US and UK - e.g. Deutsch, Italian, French or Spanish - i.e. the territories typically not covered by promotions, with a lot of wealthy people who are also hungry for Mac-related and iPhone/iPad-related news. Screenshots of contact forms at sites you've selected with information and announcement filled in are provided to you.



  • We send not only via email, but via contact forms too! About 25-30% of journalists and site owners do not reveal their emails on their sites. The only way to contact them is to fill a "contact us" form on their site. So we send your message not only via emails, but via contact forms too.

    These contact forms are protected with CAPTCHA on most of the sites, so our team will decypher all CAPTCHAs when filling in forms. Just imagine how boring and time consuming is to fill a form with 10 fields with prompts or hints in language that you don't know, e.g in Italian or Japanese! It will take up to 10 minutes! We have special software that fills in such forms in semi-automated way, that results in even lower cost of our services for you.

  • Our messages look personal Besides emails, we have names of journalists in our database. This allows us to greet them by name, using randomly-choosen form of greeting (e.g. "Hello, James!" or "Hi, James!" and so on). If we don't know name of the journalist, we make unique greeting that contains name of the site (e.g. "Hello, editors of!" or "Hi, editors of!" and so on).

    Every email is sent exclusively to one editor - i.e. it has only one address in the "To:" field.

    All this makes editors thinking that the email was sent personally to them, that greatly increases a chances of your message being handled with more attention.

  • Our email will not go to the spam box! We send our emails using Mailchimp-like email service. We do a lot to guarantee them not landing into spam folder of the journalists. First, we help you to configure DNS of your site in a special way (by adding SPF and DKIM records to the DNS). This makes nearly impossible for our emails to go into spamboxes. But to rest assured, we send your message to our test email accounts before doing the real blast.
  • We make texts perfect FREE OF CHARGE before sending it! We've sent announcements of thousands of apps and products, so we've got a lot of experience polishing the texts. We will improve the texts free of charge before sending them. We do it only for English though.

    Our advanced site engine allows highlights all changes we've made to texts, and keeps tracks of all revisions of the texts and info about your app, allowing you to alter to rollback any of our changes. We start sending only once you approve our changes.

  • It's VERY inexpensive. For example, sending announcements to all 1143 iPhone-related blogs and news sites in our database costs only $249! Searching for the same number of sites dedicated to iPhone that are in the language different from English, then finding the page with contact form there and finding out what form fields mean Name, what form field means "product url", entering CAPTCHA correctly, and then submitting your announcement will literally take days, if not weeks, of your precious time! See all prices here.
  • It's very effective. Even if your announcement causes at least half of sites it was sent to to publish a review of your product, and in case only 2 visitors of each site purchase it, your ROI is greater than 1.0! We are using for projects of our partners too, and we are shocked at how effective it is!
  • It's very focused. Your announcement is sent only to editors or owners of very popular web sites dedicated to the topic you select. Currently these topics are available:
    • iPhone-related sites;
    • Android-related sites;
    • sites that post news about apps for macOS;
    • sites that post news about software for PC (Windows);
    • Windows Phone-related sites;
    The list of these sites have been manually gathered and is periodically revised and updated.
  • You can make first impression only once. Do not risk doing it incorrectly! If your PR manager does something wrong and the journalist gets disappointed by the texts, you will have to wait for several weeks until the journalist forgets about it. The cost of mistake is to high to risk it, so it may be wise to ask professional team do it everything instead of your PR manager.
In other words, we will do it better, faster and with better results than good PR manager can do it!


How it works

You have to register at our site (or login if you've already registered), and then enter information about your product (in English) like title, URL, company URL and so on, and provide us text of the announcement to be sent. You will have to have funds available on your account before we can start sending announcements (put funds to your account using PayPal, credit card or e-check).

Once funds are on your account, our Editors will review information you've provided, and if everything is OK, it will be sent by our team of workers manually to a set of sites you've selected.

Once sending of information has completed, you are provided with screenshots of contact forms of the sites you've selected, with your announcement and relevant information (company name, product homepage) filled in.


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